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1) Borna disease virus test

The new test method has the very important advantage that can distinguish between activated and dormant infections. It will only be carried out:

Dedimed GmbH

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Telefon: 033203 879420
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Prof. Dr. Hanns LUDWIG (Mobil Tel.: 0171 754 2997)

(questions to Prof. Ludwig, email: hanns.ludwig@web.de )

FAQs english


It will be offered a package of 2 test methods: antigens and circulatory immune complex (CIC). The first is usually sufficient for screening of the CIC:


CIC with values Scala as well:

smaller than 0.100 - negative

0.100 - 0.120 questionable? borderline
0.120 - 0.150 - weakly positive +
0.150 - 0.300 - single positive +
0,300 - 0,600 - double positive ++
0,600 - 1,000 - triple negative + + +

greater than 1,000 - Quad positive + + + +


International information on the laboratory diagnosis of Borna disease virus (BDV; Bornavirus) infections - Update October 4th, 2008

The Bornavirus laboratory is offering full diagnosis of Bornavirus infections, virus activity profiles, monitoring of antiviral (amantadine) therapy of patients, and risk ‐ assessment of sub ‐clinical infections, by blood analysis through advanced ELISA techniques. Activity markers are BDV‐specific circulating immune complexes (CIC) and/or BDV antigens (pAG; N/P‐proteins). BDV antibodies (AB), if present alone, are indicative of a dormant infection state (test optional) (References: Bode L et al. 2001, Mol. Psychiatry, 6: 481‐491; Bode L, Ludwig H. 2003, Clin. Microbiol. Rev. 16: 534‐545).


Requested material:

  • 5 to 10 ml of citrated blood from the patient drawn at any time during the day.

  • Ready‐to‐use vials containing 3.13% of sodium citrate dehydrate to prevent clotting are recommended. If 10 ml vials are not available, please use 3 vials à 3 ml.

International shipment:

  • Storage of samples at 4°C prior to shipment. No cooling devices necessary during shipment.

  • Door-to-door overnight mailing service recommended

  • Please provide the sender’s full address, phone, fax number, and email

  • Please provide patient’s name, d.o.b., year of clinical diagnosis, and current state of illness

  • Customs’ clearance: please include a note declaring that the specimen is of human origin, represents no bio‐hazard, and has no commercial value.

Selected BDV informations:


Borna disease virus-specific circulating immune complexes, antigenemia, and free antibodies—the key marker triplet determining infection and prevailing in severe mood disorders
(L Bode1, P Reckwald1, WE Severus2, R Stoyloff3, R Ferszt4, DE Dietrich5 and H Ludwig3 -

Borna Disease Virus Infection, a Human Mental-Health Risk
(Liv Bode1 and Hans Ludwig2*)

Hypothalamic–pituitary– adrenal (HPA) system activity in depression and infection with Borna disease virus and Chlamydia pneumoniae
(Molecular Psychiatry (2003) 8, 469–470. doi:10.1038/ sj.mp.4001312- www.nature.com)

Brain potential amplitude varies as a function of Borna disease virus-specific immune complexes in obsessive–compulsive disorder

Borna Disease Virus: Impact on Mood and Cognition
(Liv Bode, Detlef E. Dietrich and Hanns Ludwig)


2) New Bornavirus test for variegated squirrel:

This test is carried out in the Bernhard Nocht Institute, see



3) Alternativ tests:

Pathogens can very well recognized and treated with the new bioenergetic processes. Here we refer to bio-resonance and the radionics. There are a lot of new and very effective method here.

A good example of the "Timewaver" - we had invited a doctor for our Health Day 2015, who is working with this procedure -  everything of radionic is well explained here: http: // timewaver .tv / themen-mediathek / timewaver